The Vercusta® Story

Who We Are

At Vercusta, we believe the compounded value of common purchases directed towards a goal can lead to extraordinary outcomes. Developing medicine is becoming more expensive. We must look at non-traditional paths for funding innovative research and development. Each year people spend billions on fashion. Directing even just a fraction of that towards funding new medicine has the potential to bring lifesaving medicine to those in need. We want you to look your best and live with optimal health.

Vercusta is a blend word formed from Veraptus Custom Apparel. Veraptus is a portmanteau of "veritas" (Latin for “truth”) and "aptus" (Latin for “fit”). One hundred percent (100%) of the net income of Vercusta® will be used to fund the research and development of Veraptus® innovative, affordable medicines.

Vercusta® is a manufacturer and retailer of custom apparel and accessories for gentlemen, ladies, children and babies. 

We are able to respond quickly to customer demand and to changing fashion trends and to closely monitor product quality while ensuring timely delivery of our garments. Our products are noted for their exceptional quality and fit and, together with our distinctive branding, these attributes differentiate our products in the marketplace. We believe that our product appeal will be further augmented by, and should benefit from, the growing trend toward higher quality apparel. Our in-house creative team will carefully develop the Vercusta® product line based on this core belief.

Vercusta® prides itself on its use of quality fabrics with quality construction. Due to our active in-house, our close relationships with, and close proximity to, raw material suppliers and experienced independent product manufacturers, we are well positioned to exercise complete direct control over manufacturing.


Why Choose Vercusta®?

I. Our Clear Focus

Vercusta® is defined by its core values. These core values allow us to disrupt the status quo in both the custom apparel e-commerce sector and the manner in which the research and development of meaningful, innovative and affordable medicine is funded. We embrace unconventional thinking and creativity. We see the opportunity for innovation in manufacturing, retail, e-commerce and the manner in which we allocate our net profits.

Vercusta® is not merely a manufacturer and retailer of custom apparel and accessories for gentlemen, ladies, children and babies. We place our client at the core of everything we do. We listen to each individual customer and let his preferences lead the making of his personalized clothing.

At Vercusta®, we are passionate about range of selection, style, design, fabrics, fit, quality and the craftsmanship of our garments.

Our objective is to make a difference for our clients. Our clients don’t come to us for preselected, plain vanilla garments made by tailors with preconceived, off-the-shelf ideas. Our clients come to us because of our attention to detail and innovation.


II. Our Vision

Michael J. Donovan, the founder of Vercusta®, has a passion for custom-made dress shirts and for the way he feels wearing great-fitting clothes. Michael created the Vercusta® label to present a new alternative. Michael’s vision is simple: an easy, accessible experience of personalized fit, quality clothing, and exceptional service.

Vercusta® prides itself on its relationships with its clients, craftsmen and support staff. These relationships are based on mutual respect and our adherence to the highest product quality and professional service.

Vercusta® intends to be a global leader in the design, marketing, and distribution of premium custom apparel and accessories.


III. Use of Proceeds Generated by Vercusta®

One hundred percent (100%) of the net income of Vercusta® will be used to research and develop Veraptus® innovative, affordable medicines.

“Net Income” is calculated as follows:

Net Income = Net Sales - COGS - SG&A - Interest Expense - Income Taxes

“Net Sales” means gross sales minus the following three deductions: sales returns, sales allowances for damaged or missing goods, and sales discounts.

“COGS” means cost of goods sold. This amount includes the cost of the materials used in creating the good along with the direct labor costs used to produce the good. It excludes indirect expenses such as distribution costs and sales force costs.

“SG&A” means selling, general and administrative expenses. These are the costs that occur during the daily operations of a company and not directly related to the manufacturing of the product. These expenses relate to the selling, promoting and delivering of a product as well as managing the company.

“Interest Expense” means the cost incurred for borrowed funds. It represents interest payable on any type of borrowings - bonds, loans, convertible debt or lines of credit.

“Income Taxes” means the tax that governments impose on financial income generated by all entities within their jurisdiction.



Vercusta® is a registered trademark owned by Michael J. Donovan and used under exclusive license by Donovan Biotechnology, LLC. Vercusta® is a division of Donovan Biotechnology, LLC.